Sunday, March 30, 2014

Midnight Madness or A Nonny's Dream Come True

Well, I have just enough energy to prop myself up at my computer and chronicle this past week when I finally got to keep my two oldest granddaughters together!

In the past they have come one at a time or I keep one and the other set of grandparents keep the other.  But now that Hollis has turned three and actually sleeps through the night, I've gotten very brave and ask to have them both!

Great idea!

You couldn't ask for any better little girls (OK, I am somewhat prejudice, but trust me, they are good and sweet)!

So this is just a blog for myself to help me remember a few of the things we did this week.  I will look back at this maybe in a couple of years and fondly remember how sweet they were at this age and that they ACTUALLY loved to come to stay at Nonny and Papa's house!!

They played dress-up......

Skipper helped them watch a movie......Ok, he slept through it...but they watched "Annie" or at least parts of it!

They found a picture of me in the upstairs closet that was made when I was just about the same age as Harper.  I made their picture with it to see if they resemble their Nonny!  What do you think?

They rode their scooters.......

And Papa rode them "all over the world" on the 4-Wheeler........

We baked........
The next generation of Betty Crockers, Paula Deens and Martha Stewarts!!!

And, of course, there's always walking down the country road to get some exercise!   No fancy gyms for these two!!

Aunt Linda came by to visiting bearing early Easter bunnies!

And then today......and we knew this was going to happen.....the parents came to claim their babies!   Just when we were getting started on some real fun!

Hopefully we can take this adventure up again this summer.......

Papa and Nonny are looking so forward to that!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Birthday Boy

I was already in the hospital this time thirty eight years ago.  Back in the day if you were scheduled for a C-Section, as I was, you checked in the night before so they could get you ready.  And you stayed a week after!  (Insurance was a different game then)

I had gone to the beauty shop and had my hair done; my parents had come to take care of Kelly and we were ready to have the new baby!  We did not know whether we were having a boy or a girl!(no sonograms to determine the sex as today's practice)

I remember waking up and Hubs standing over me saying, "It's a BOY" and I just cried and cried......for joy!  We had a beautiful little girl and now a sweet baby boy.

And what a joy he has been!

Chris was always a happy baby!  Here he is being held by a handsome, dark-haired thin man who has played an important part in Chris' life!!

Two years old.

One of my very favorite pictures!

Chris has had a loving big sister all these years!  I have so many memories of them together.

Chris has had so many interests and talents as he grew up.

A Musician..............

An Artist..................

A sportsman.........

Well read........

An actor.........

A lover of anything "Star Wars"..........

Girls loved him.........

A "cool Senior".......

A dog lover...........

A loving Grandson.........

An older cousin who would play video games with them...........

A college graduate.........

A journalist...............

A graduate......again!

A wonderful teacher.........

Chris has had many interests, jobs,etc. in his life but by far 
the greatest joy in his life has been.....

His beautiful wife, Carrie.....

And that beautiful baby daughter!!

Chris, I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday!

You, your sister and your families have brought me more joy than I have ever deserved!  God is so good to all of us!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Awkward Family Photos

Kelly's Korner is having Awkward Family Photo Day and I thought that would be something that I could participate in since I have tons of VERY awkward family photos.

Kelly will probably look at these and wish she had thought of some other subject for today!!   Sorry!

In my eyes, the kids always looked cute.  I was always the awkward one!  I had spiral perms, huge glasses and weighed about 10 more pounds than I do now in most pictures.  Who in their right mind thought huge glasses were fashionable?

These pictures are self-explanatory.  Enjoy!   And let's see some of your old pictures!

Circa 1976

My personal favorite awkward family picture complete with mini-van in the background!!

Mama-ma and Pap-pa in the background. 

I found this and just had to include this.  Apparently Hubs found a black wig and put it on and son Chris was putting his underwear on his ears and Kelly was laughing hysterically.

Such was life in the Martin house!

Now it looks awkward but then it was just lots of fun!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Feed My Sheep

Every year Hubs and I look forward to spending a few days in Florida at a pastor's conference.  I'm not sure what people think pastors do at a conference but mostly it is listening to some wonderful preaching and great music!

It is where the preacher gets preached to!!  We start around 9:00 a.m. and finish around 9:00 p.m.  We absolutely love it!

We drove down a couple of days before the conference and stayed at Destin. We love it this time of the year because it is somewhat desolate and we pretty much have the beach to ourselves.  No, we don't swim or sun ourselves!  Just a walk on the beach together is our cup of tea!

And, yes, we did have coats on!  It was the coldest it has been in years while we were there.  The wind was cutting and a coat felt good all week!

The theme of the conference was Feed My Sheep.  

We look forward to seeing our friends we went to seminary with over 30 years ago.  I didn't get a picture of the men but here I am with Debbie from Oklahoma and Pat from Georgia.  Our kids all went to school together during our years in Fort Worth, Texas.

The church always has a beautiful pastor's wives luncheon and this year's was so very nice.

The tables are always so pretty with fresh flowers and gold orangza bows tied on the chairs.  Reminds me of being at a fancy wedding reception!  The food was delicious and we got gift bags with books (yea!) and a necklace from Premier Jewelry.  

Thank you to FBC Jacksonville for making us all feel special!

We heard many great pastors preach. We were convicted, up-lifted, encouraged and filled with joy by all of them!  On Sunday evening Tim Tebow preached to thousands crowded into the sanctuary to hear him.  Although he is not a "preacher", he delivered a great message.  He loves the Lord and is very humble when speaking about how the Lord has been working in his life.  It was a great way to end our conference.

We like to drive back to Arkansas on the "backroads" and enjoy a little Americana.  We drove through Plains, Georgia and even though I don't agree with Jimmy Carter's politics, I wanted to stop and see what Plains was all about!

Downtown was very old and I loved it!  

This was one of the first things we saw as we parked our car downtown: a trailer full of peanuts!  So we knew we could get some fresh peanuts!

We walked into this store and the lady started feeding us peanut ice cream and fresh boiled peanuts.  Seriously, it was great!  

We couldn't take home the ice cream but we did get some delicious peanuts and some of the best tasting brittle I've ever had!

As we drove home toward Arkansas, we got into a little snow between Tupelo, Mississippi and Memphis but missed the huge snow storm that came the next day.

We had a great trip and came home with thankful hearts at all we had heard and experienced!  It is always fun to travel but always great to get home!

And then Sunday we got this as we drove home from church on our little gravel road.......

And more freezing rain and snow due tomorrow!!

How many more days till Spring??